Wine Making and History

The Amana Colonies have a rich history of wine production. Beginning in Germany, the members of the community brought their craft to the new world and began making wine in Iowa as early as 1855. During communal time (1855-1932) the wine was made and stored in the basement of the church and each member was given an allotment per month. Being very resourceful, wine making in Amana was not limited to grapes but instead utilized fruit that was readily available including plums and rhubarb. This practice developed into a fruit wine industry that Amana has become known for. Today these fruit wines tend to be sweet and made from all types of fruits and in some cases several fruits blended together. White Cross Cellars is bringing this evolution full circle by again featuring wines made in the traditional German and French style using wine grapes instead of fruit. For more information on the unique history of the Amana Colonies please CLICK HERE.

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